What  my students say about Music Logic…….

“The best method of piano teaching ever!

Learning using the Music Logic method allowed me to skip many of the AMEB preliminary levels, and I whizzed through a lot of the more basic pieces so I could get into learning music that I liked to listen to, as well as play.

Super fun and great stuff, Ysolde is a friendly and dedicated teacher who understands exactly what her students need.

5 stars!”

Arundhathi Lekshmi – Student at Music Logic Box Hill South Studio.


“Amazing, awesome, simple, innovative, breakthrough piano method!!

I can’t remember how many ‘Ah-Ha’ moments I’ve had during the courses.  Ysolde is a dynamic, engaging, caring & skilled teacher, who delivers a wonderful learning experience.  I’ve been trying to learn the piano for 30 years, and only when I started Music Logic did I get it.  Music Logic de-mystifies traditional ways of understanding music.  This system is enjoyable, very, very fun, and will get you to play complete piano pieces within a couple of months, instead of years.  The best piano lessons I’ve ever taken, and I’ve taken so many lessons for so many years with so many teachers.

This method really works!”

(Liz Wei – CAE Music Logic student)

What a fantastic way to learn music! How I wish I had have been taught using the Music Logic method…it would have made learning so much easier AND way more fun!

Of course, it also helps to have an amazing teacher to deliver the program.  Ysolde has been teaching my kids (7 & 9yo) for a year now, and I can’t believe how far they have progressed. No boring scales and hours of finger exercises. They learn how to read music and work out how to play pieces themselves, with a range of music styles, cause let’s face it Bach is not for everyone!

One of the greatest advantages they have seen, is that the more you put in, the better you get.  It’s up to you. It’s becomes really clear when you learn music.

Ysolde is one of those unique teachers that just “gets” the individual learning needs of people, and has been able to turn my “not so keen to learn piano” 7yo into a music lover.

Added little bonus for me, I’m also learning as we go!

(Jacci Jones – Parent of students at Music Logic Box Hill South Studio)


I am always amazed that I can play pieces on the piano, thanks to you.

(Joan Taylor- CAE Music Logic student)


I get a buzz getting somewhere with pieces by the likes of Dvorák, Mozart, and Bach.

Thank you, you make it fun! 

(Allan Attwood – CAE Music Logic student)


Thank you so much for teaching me piano.  As a teacher myself, I admire the wonderful way you go about teaching – always so encouraging, and making the piano fun to learn.  (I’ve learnt as much about teaching as I have about the piano!)

(Kaye Nolan – CAE Music Logic student)